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Wrinkle Free Dress Shirts. Stay polished and professional effortlessly with wrinkle free dress shirts. Dress shirts in wrinkle free fabrics like sateen eliminate the need for ironing or pressing, so they're a great choice for men with busy subtle shimmer of sateen adds an air of sophistication, and shirts in this fabric are available in a wide variety of colors, so it's easy to.

But my wrinkle-tolerance threshold is pretty low, and they definitely passed my muster. All are great quality. Daniel May 12, , Hey there, Thanks for the information on the average lifespan of a dress shirt.

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Choose from non-iron shirts in cuffed and non-cuffed styles. Pair easy-to-care-for non-iron dress shirts with a classic women’s blazer for a powerful workday look, or pair a sleeveless button-up women’s shirt with a pair of crisp trousers for an elegant weekend ensemble.
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Stafford Executive Wrinkle Free No Iron are great. JCPenney brand, usually about $50 per shirt. But they have sales where you can get Buy 1 Get 1 for a penny.
What’s the difference in feel between non-iron and wrinkle-resistant shirts?

What’s the difference in wrinkle resistance between non-iron and wrinkle-resistant dress shirts?

Free shipping on non-iron shirts for men at Shop the latest styles from the best brands. Free shipping and returns every day.

Frank August 26, , 7: Bear with me for a minute here: The problem with blends, frankly, is that they encourage B. But if you want a sharp appearance, low maintenance, and good hygiene, the extra cost is well worth it.

DianeD July 27, , I love wrinkle free shirts.. I do not like to iron and frankly if you think about it, the shirts become increasing wrinkled when worn. I purchase my shirts blouses actually from TravelSmith catalog online , sometimes Lands End. I find the TravelSmith blouses to be long lasting and of high quality. Anyway, my blouses some are 10 yrs old are great. A couple of the older ones are losing their wrinkle free designation, but are still okay.

Prices are not cheap, but reasonable. Thank you very much. Amy July 25, , Dean June 7, , 5: Take them from the dryer and hang them up just before they are completely dry. Coy Eli June 16, , 8: They look great right out of the dryer after many washings. Robin May 29, , 1: While I love the convenience of a non-iron shirt, one thing worth mentioning is the potential health hazards due to the chemical treatment involved.

These shirts are treated with formaldehyde to create that no wrinkle effect. While it is likely safe for adults after a few washings the chemical bonds can start to break down. Just to be safe I stopped wearing these shirts when I had kids. Not saying they should be banned or anything, but just another point to consider. Gideon Fraenkel April 29, , 1: Todd March 5, , 4: Victor February 12, , 6: And sell them wholesale. The reason the non iron shirts feel a bit itchy at times is due to the plastic layer that has been baked onto the fabric making it non iron.

Kunal August 2, , 2: Dear Victor I am doing some research on Non Iron shirts. Would it be possible to get your email ID, it would be really helpful. I am part of a great organisation that manufactures shirts out of Africa, India and Bangladesh, it would be great to be connected. My email ID is inbox. Dave February 9, , 2: I love the Brooks Brothers shirts. JD November 20, , Keep in mind that the most higher end shirts especially brooks brothers shirts can be taken back in for a free replacement if the collars or sleeves get frayed.

Additionally brooks brothers owned stores have regular sales getting 3 for Not a bad deal really. I wore kohls store specials for a years. So I feel the wrinkle free is the way to go and brooks brothers are a superb brand.

I also have Enro as well and they do very well holding up and keeping out wrinkles. Amy November 20, , 2: Thanks for the ideas,. MGR November 22, , 1: Also I might have mentioned before but these shirts are really not meant to be dry cleaned or professionally laundered, I have seen shirts fray and prematurely wear out because people are sending them out which defeats some of the purpose of non-iron shirts.

Or firing up that iron, popping off the cap on the starch can and spending 10 to 15 min on a shirt only to get wrinkled a min after being put on. FYI same things happens to shirts that are professionally laundered. I personally enjoy all the extra time I have not having to iron or drop off shirts, plus the shirt looks great all day long.

Alan Au November 19, , 2: One thing not mentioned is how long the non-iron treatment will last. Older treatments lasted about 15 washings. They are better now. The less expensive not discounted shirts are good for about 25 washings before they start to resemble a regular dress shirt as the treatment has been washed down.

Bette shirts will last closer to 40 washings. The latest treatments last longer and can actually make the garment feel softer, too. Patrick October 15, , I have never had the non-iron treatment leave my BB shirts. The cuffs usually begin to fray before that happens. At one wash per week, they last about a year. If you wait for the outlet sales or frequent the BB website for the sales, you can get great deals. Ben November 12, , 3: I like to buy my no-irons from Gagliardi www.

Max October 11, , 2: Amy October 11, , 4: Thomas Raven October 27, , Antonio Santana December 18, , My wife and I absolutely love the Kirkland No Iron shirts. Greta price and fantastic quality. Richard February 7, , 2: I like them better then my Brooks Brother shirt. I have tried some of the Kirkland shirts, I have one that I would wear into a board room. Best fit I can find right off the rack. I have broad shoulders, Kirkland has a size that fits me like a tailored shirt.

One drawback to Kirkland shirts is that you have to be a Costco member to buy one…. Costco is too far from me , it does not make sense to buy a membership. Joy October 5, , 2: Scored big at Nordstrom Rack today: Thanks for the great info. Amy October 5, , 8: Tara September 21, , 8: Amy September 21, , 9: I know, Tara, I agree. When you can find shirts at thrift stores for a buck, new no-iron shirts seem like an outrageous expense.

Maybe you could calculate about how many times your son would wear the shirt and thus how many times it would need to be ironed. Then figure out how much more you would pay for a no-iron shirt. Divide that cost by the number of times you would have to iron, and then decide whether a get-out-of-ironing free card is worth that amount. Michelle August 9, , Just came across your website as I was researching Brooks Bros no-iron shirts for myself but like others was pondering the cost and if it was really worth it.

BTW love your blog and look forward to reading more of it. Amy August 10, , 3: Rick August 1, , Also try Enro non-iron shirts. I also like Jos A. Bank and Charles Tyrwhitt non-irons. All are great quality. I do iron lightly over these non-iron shirts and they look like they have come from the cleaners.

Well worth the extra money in my opinion. Not sure how true that is but Enro makes a great dress shirt. Tony May 5, , My Google search brought up your article so I thought I would comment about my purchase. When I was in the store and looking at the shirts, I noticed the material seemed much thinner than the no iron shirts I had bought from BB awhile back. I asked a couple of emlpoyees if the thickness of the no iron dress shirts had changed or if there were any no iron oxfords available.

I was told the material had not changed and the oxfords had never been offered as no iron. Well, I bought these thinner, no iron dress shirts from BB anyway and got home and looked at the BB shirts hanging in my closet……. It reminds me of the Jos. If anyone knows where to get an Oxford thick wrinkle free shirt, please post here in the comments because these things are hard too find.

Amy May 6, , 6: I am relatively new to the no-iron market, so I was not aware that the thickness of the material had changed. Have you tried Charles Tyrwhitt shirts? Daniel May 12, , Anonymous May 17, , 1: BB does make non-iron oxfords for several years now so the emplyees must be new or not be aware of what we carry.

The non-iron oxfords are now called Brookscool, they may not be as thick as the first gen. They changed the properties to make the shirts more breathable, non-irons shirts tend to keep the heat in because the fibers are closed compared to shirts that are not non iron. Oxfords are a heavier cloth to begin with so combined with the non-iron properties you would be extremely warm in the shirt especially in the warmer months.

That is why they came up with Brookscool. Amjad August 14, , 1: I am a textile engineer and have worked for years in design, development and production of shirting fabric. The stronger the treatments better the smoothness rating…but lesser the comfort, durability and natural cotton-like feel. Also, finer not see through fabrics are much more expensive to produce than those made with coarser threads. Kunal August 2, , 3: Hi Amjad you seem to be the man with the lantern: I am actually doing a research on Non Iron shirts and was wondering if you could help me with some answers.

May I have your email ID please. Amjad August 14, , 2: I am a textile engineer and have worked for almost 14 years in design, development and production of shirting fabric.

I can share the crux of my experience in simple words here;. The stronger the treatments better the smoothness rating…but lesser the comfort, durability and natural cotton-like feel…. Rebecca June 4, , I find it interesting that you got a direct response from someone at BB. Many big companies do actually hire people to handle their internet PR.

Wonder if it was that or totally coincidental. Wait, did I just type that? Thanks for the post. Anonymous September 11, , 3: TheGirl March 9, , 5: So I guess its safe to iron a noniron shirt just a bit. MGR January 26, , 2: These shirts are the best non-irons out there, no question. These shirts pay for themselves, yes they are a little expensive but you would pay more sending them out. As far as bringing shirts back and getting credit for new ones, the return policy has changed and in now 90 days, I would guess because of individuals who would bring back old and used product that they no longer wanted.

But if your shirt truely has a defect or wears out prematurely, I would take it back at my Brooks Brothers store no question.

Amy February 3, , 3: Thanks for the information on the average lifespan of a dress shirt. Still expensive, but a huge savings from retail. Karen January 16, , Amy, I broke down and purchased two Brooks Brothers no-iron shirts for Tom to test them out.

Although I choked on the initial price of the shirts, they are fabulous. When I break down the expense of a cheaper dress shirt, the cost of sending it out for pressing and the inconvenience of waiting for it to return-the initial outlay of the more expensive no-iron shirt was well worth it. Thanks for the tip! Amy January 23, , 8: I totally agree that the no-iron shirts are worth the expense and convenience if you normally send yours out to be pressed. Now you know what kind of shirts to look out for a TJ Maxx and thrift stores.

Amy November 7, , 1: Philip West October 17, , 9: It is always safe to keep one non-iron workshirt in your suitcase — you never know when you may spill a coffee or a glass of wine and need to do a quick change.

Danica October 2, , 1: Non iron shirts can provide several advantages for the person especially in saving electric consumption. The quality of the fabric must always be considered when buying this stuff. This is because there are clothes that easily wears out as time passed by. Michael September 21, , Love the look, love the feel and love the fact that they make plenty of slim fit shirts. You read that right. I cleaned them out.

I managed to find a white and blue french cuff as well as a black, blue, and pink barrel cuff. AND there are always printable coupons that you can combine. All ya gotta do is some homework and you too can buy typically pricey clothing at thrift store prices. Kelly September 21, , 2: I hate to iron since I had to wear an oxford to high school every day for 4 years , and my husband stinks at it too. In fact when we pulled out our iron to iron some perler beads the kids had all kinds of questions about what it was!

Tanya July 25, , 9: So my husband orders his from LL Bean. I think clothes here are more expensive though, so the US price looks good in comparison! Amy July 29, , 3: Ginny June 13, , 9: Consider getting a hand steamer: By using this site, you agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Services.

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Online shopping from a great selection at Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry Store. Find great deals on eBay for iron free shirts. Shop with confidence. Stafford Executive Wrinkle Free No Iron are great. JCPenney brand, usually about $50 per shirt. But they have sales where you can get Buy 1 Get 1 for a penny.